What Do Women Want? With Angela Hou

What Do Women Want? With Angela Hou
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I met Angela through my former business partner and at point in time, she was actively promoting Healsi Water but unfortunately, I couldn’t use Healsi Water for my Kombucha because it is alkaline in nature. Nonetheless, we were still in a lot of common female entrepreneur circles and I finally managed to do an interview with her for Melissa’s Table Top Talk!

In this second episode of the series “What Do Women Want?”, Angela was pretty candid about the challenges she faced as a business woman – scams, dealing with partners who didn’t fulfil their side of the promise, etc. She dealt with this all the while being a single mother and living in Singapore as a foreigner.

Nonetheless, she still believes in spreading positivity and she also gave tips on how she changed her mindset in order to bring out the best out of her son and be the light for those around her. Do watch the video below to listen to her story!

YouTube: https://youtu.be/Po1SrfOu-20
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/melissastabletoptalk
The Wellness Insider: https://thewellnessinsider.asia/2020/11/what-do-women-want-with-angela-hou/

We would like to thank Angela for being so candid and for being part of this series!

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