Queens of Asia Comedy 2020

Singapore will open its curtains to stage the first-ever Queens of Asia Comedy Special featuring an all-star female lineup of comedians in a stand-up showcase on Saturday, 21st of March, at Coyote Ugly Saloon, Clarke Quay. Queen of Malaysian Comedy, Joanne Kam The Queens of Asia Comedy Special will star Japanese comedian and Youtube sensation

2020 New Year Resolutions

It's that time of the year again. We all know that we often make the same resolutions and often times, we get all fired up in January and then start losing momentum once February and March approaches. That's life. So...I shall be hilarious and make my first resolution to be... To have the momentum to

Little Acts Multiplied by Millions Build a City of Good

From 1 to 7 December 2019, the national giving movement Giving Week returns for its fifth annual edition with carnivals, exclusive promotions and activities set to take place across the island. Initiated by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), Giving Week aspires to celebrate Singapore's caring spirit and encourage brands, non-profits organisations (NPOs) and people to share their

My 2019 Birthday Wishlist

It's October and my birthday month! As usual, I come up with a wish list annually and this year, the items are mainly things that I'd like/need for my new flat. Yes, Melissa is now a homeowner. 😀 Pink bowls from IKEA (set of 6)Hotpot set (induction one and not the gas burner type please)White

Period Panties Should Be A Thing

When I first saw Kotex's period panties on sale at Watson's, my immediate thought was, "Why didn't anyone think of this earlier?" As someone who has struggled with heavy flows (especially on Days 1 & 2), this nifty invention could've saved me loads of trouble regarding changing bedsheets and countless underwear. But at S$7 for

My book has been published!

I'm proud to announce that my book "Building Body Confidence" has finally been published! The e-book is currently available for download on Kindle at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07V2JFKXV. You can read the first 3 chapters for free via Kindle as well. The hardcopy will be out soon via Amazon as well but I'm still in the midst of

Cover of “Shallow”

OMG...I just realised that I didn't blog about this although we filmed and released this for Valentines' Day. Oops. Anyway, I felt that it was a sad song for V'Day but Mr Off The Cliff decided otherwise. I had fun doing this although there was no prior rehearsal! We only "rehearsed" a few times before