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tokyo nail lounge

Mani Pedi at Tokyo Nail Lounge

I got to know Jasmin during an event and we kinda hit it off so when she approached me to do a nail sponsorship for my activewear fashion show during the Wellness Day Out, I was naturally excited and agreeable since I too got to be pampered with complimentary mani pedi too! Jasmin had recently...


Demystifying Gel Manicures

We kicked started Beauty Week with the basic gel manicure workshop conducted by The PinkRoom International at 2pm! It was a very small class of 5 but because of it, all of us managed to really get 1-on-1 experience with our instructor and the overall atmosphere was that of fun and laughter. Minghui from The PinkRoom International...


Nails For The Week – 21 Sep 2015

So…I’m finally back on the nail painting bandwagon now that I’m back in Singapore. I’m trying out the new polishes that I bought from the US! I really restrained myself. Although I couldn’t help but get 3 bottles of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel as it cost me only US$8.90+ (about S$12) when it sells for...


Coral Nails with Fleur de lis and Lace Stamp Accent

Decided to go for something like looks simple but involved me taking out several tools. Why?1. Stamp2. Stamper3. Polish spreader thing4. Cotton bud with nail polish remover to clean stamp5. Sticker6. Stick to carefully remove sticker7. 5 bottles of polishes – Sally Hansen’s miracle gel in Coral and Nude and its top coat; white polish...


Hello Kitty Ribbon Nail Stickers

Remember this set that I bought last year? I finally used 2 of the nail stickers last week for my Spring inspired nails: I’ve always been a bit hesitant with nail stickers because my previous encounter with them was not the best. However, these proved to be a lot thinner and malleable compared to the...


Sultry Purple Lace Nails For The Week

I finally gave in to temptation and bought OPI’s Sheer Tint in purple just so as to try out this design. The base colour of all my nails, except for the ring finger, was done with the Sheer Tint before I did a lace stamp in Plum. Unfortunately, my stamp didn’t cooperate with me today...