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Designing Fendi Baguettes

Am I turning into a designer freak? My latest item of lust is the Fendi Baguette. So called as it was inspired by the long french bread. But Fendi’s an Italian brand. Anyway, they’ve got a design contest going on only for Asia and the winner gets an internship with Fendi! Way cool! I’ve dabbled...


My anime representation

you represent the dreams in life. you are laid back and also dream alot. What part of life do you represent? ( AWESOME anime pics ^_^) brought to you by Quizilla


Hiak hiak

I finally took the time and trouble to find a nice blogskin. As you guys prob noe, I’m a ‘Lord of The Rings’ fan…hence my liking for this elven couple. However, I must add a disclaimer that I am in NO way in a relationship right now and I will NOT say such stuff to...