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Episode 31: Beauty Secrets From the Kitchen (Melissa’s Table Top Talk)

Want to know how to turn simple ingredients found in your kitchen into beauty products? We learnt from Sara Davina, founder of Restoration Essence, on how just to do that! As you can see, beauty can be easy and affordable – all it takes it a little bit of effort and knowledge. Best part? Using food ingredients ensure that you…

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How Does a $800 Facial Feel Like?

If you’re wondering how can a facial cost $800, you’re not alone. Another thought that probably popped into your head was, “What’s inside? Gold? Caviar? Diamond?” Well…you’re not too far off. Perhaps you’re also imagining some fancy schmancy science stuff or tools that are involved. HAACH has recently launched its latest luxe professional facial – the Diamond Age-Defying Marine Miracle (90…

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Getting My Face V-shaped at ClearSK Medi + Skincare

I was very privileged to be given complimentary V-Face Shaper treatments, which is the signature treatment at ClearSK! These treatments come at a very timely manner because after hitting 28, the skin around my neck is starting to sag and *gasp* I feel like I’m developing a double chin. So yes…I need my V-Face back 😉 If you’re wondering what…

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Clarisonic Journey – Day 15

Warning! This post contains a potentially disgusting photo which may make you squirm before cursing and swearing at me.  Others may react differently with fascination.  No matter what…you’ve been warned.  Scroll down at your own discretion. Now, for those who use this product regularly, you’ll recognise that this is a pore pack to remove white and blackheads.  That’s a heck…

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