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Review: Victoria Facelift Facial

Received a free facial trial at Victoria Facelift, which specialises in (as their name suggests) lifting up saggy skin from the jaw line as well as wrinkles around the mouth area so that you look younger. It's a bit like having a non-surgical facelift as they do all this through massages (both by hand and

How Does a $800 Facial Feel Like?

If you're wondering how can a facial cost $800, you're not alone. Another thought that probably popped into your head was, "What's inside? Gold? Caviar? Diamond?"'re not too far off. Perhaps you're also imagining some fancy schmancy science stuff or tools that are involved.HAACH has recently launched its latest luxe professional facial - the Diamond

Minimising Scars With Hiruscar

Whoever said that adults do not get acne is lying. Sure, it's not that serious an outbreak but...acne and pimples still pop up on adult skins! What makes things worse is that these scars take longer to lighten and disappear as you get older. Moreover, if you're fair like me, the scars are horribly obvious.Here

Acne Begone With Benzac AC

Received my Benzac AC loot from SampleStore last week and I decided to do a proper review because if you're like me and in your 30s but still suffering from the occasional breakout, you'll want something to treat only the acne and not dry out the skin all around it.Warning: you will see a few

Funky New Japanese Eye Steam Mask

That's me chilling with an eye mask. Not just any eye mask, but Kao's latest "Eye Steam Mask"! I managed to get a sample of their lavender eye steam mask and I was really intrigued by it because you do not need to heat it up with water or crack anything. Also, with the name

Clarisonic Journey – Day 15

Warning! This post contains a potentially disgusting photo which may make you squirm before cursing and swearing at me.  Others may react differently with fascination.  No matter've been warned.  Scroll down at your own discretion.Now, for those who use this product regularly, you'll recognise that this is a pore pack to remove white and

Clarisonic Journey – Day 7

So, above is my face after using Clarisonic after a week and with make up on.  I must say that my pores have tightened, although I still feel a lot of white heads on my chin.The most amazing thing is that my make up lasted for a VERY long time.  The photo above was taken