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Clarisonic Journey – Day 1

So, I caved in and bought the Clarisonic Mia 2 facial sonic cleanser after reading and hearing rave reviews.  This cost me S$215 from Sephora and comes with a 2-year warranty.  It’s only S$20 more expensive than if I had bought it via Amazon but I save on having to get another adapter AND I...


Spa boo

Reading the news about how Subtle Senses is the latest spa to go under brings the following thoughts: thank goodness I didn’t sign up any package with Wax in the City thank goodness I used up most of my True Spa package before it was taken over by Subtle Senses thank goodness my mum used...


New Blogskin

Yes…I’ve done it again…changed my blogskin!! I must say that I’m not completely thrilled with this new one…but then I haven’t really played with Blogger’s new design template thingy to fully customise it.  I reckon Blogger should learn a thing or two from Weebly.  I love Weebly!! I used it to build Oct 1983’s revamped...


Dior Iconic Rinsable Mascara Party

Went to Dior’s Iconic Rinsable Mascara Party last night at Paragon, Orchard. Was an hour late so I missed the whole presentation by the Dior make up artists on how to best to use make up to structure your face and the properties of the new Iconic Rinsable Mascara. All I know is this –...


Collagen in coffee?

Collagen in coffee? Apparently, that is possible. Nescafe follows the current collagen fad and adds collagen into its 3-in-1 coffee mix. Managed to get a sample (love this try-vertising concept) and verdict is: not very exciting. can coffee be THAT exciting right? Well…it tastes normal. Do I believe that consumption of collagen is beneficial...


This may make me sound like an egoist

I don’t consider myself pretty…better than average but definitely not gorgeous. Thus, I don’t understand why some people on the JustDate website tell me that I’m chio or pretty. Thanks for the compliment but I simply don’t trust them….sounds like lies….lies to get my attention? I dream of the day when someone will tell me...