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A Woman’s Never Ending Search For Even Skin Tone (Part 1)

If you’ve seen this ad on YouTube, especially if you’re Singaporean, you might immediately be interested in this product as we get a lot of sun (ie. super prone to dark spots) and we don’t really like patches on our skin. My mum definitely falls into that category! She’s been complaining about brown spots the older she gets and these…

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Getting My Face V-shaped at ClearSK Medi + Skincare

I was very privileged to be given complimentary V-Face Shaper treatments, which is the signature treatment at ClearSK! These treatments come at a very timely manner because after hitting 28, the skin around my neck is starting to sag and *gasp* I feel like I’m developing a double chin. So yes…I need my V-Face back 😉 If you’re wondering what…

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Clarisonic Journey – Day 15

Warning! This post contains a potentially disgusting photo which may make you squirm before cursing and swearing at me.  Others may react differently with fascination.  No matter what…you’ve been warned.  Scroll down at your own discretion. Now, for those who use this product regularly, you’ll recognise that this is a pore pack to remove white and blackheads.  That’s a heck…

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