Two Weeks After Parasite Cleansing

It has been 2 weeks since I started my parasite cleansing with Paraway Plus and the healing crisis is hitting me really bad.As mentioned in last week's post, I developed a fever and a bad sore throat. It got so bad that I went to see the doctor last Wed and was put on a course of antibiotics,

Energised by HAACH and StralaYoga

Entrance to StralaYoga's studioBeauty Week ended on a high with 2 days of the 2 things that Pásshen loves - skincare and fitness!Alex from HAACH presenting on best pre and post workout routinesWe were very thankful to have HAACH speak about best pre and post workout routines to our attendees on both Fri and Sat. Most of us knew about

Funky New Japanese Eye Steam Mask

That's me chilling with an eye mask. Not just any eye mask, but Kao's latest "Eye Steam Mask"! I managed to get a sample of their lavender eye steam mask and I was really intrigued by it because you do not need to heat it up with water or crack anything. Also, with the name

Clarisonic Journey – Day 15

Warning! This post contains a potentially disgusting photo which may make you squirm before cursing and swearing at me.  Others may react differently with fascination.  No matter've been warned.  Scroll down at your own discretion.Now, for those who use this product regularly, you'll recognise that this is a pore pack to remove white and