My book has been published!

I'm proud to announce that my book "Building Body Confidence" has finally been published! The e-book is currently available for download on Kindle at You can read the first 3 chapters for free via Kindle as well. The hardcopy will be out soon via Amazon as well but I'm still in the midst of

Book Pitch – Are You Stressed At The Spa?

Hi everyone!If you don't already know me, I'm Melissa and I'm the founder of Pásshen. If you haven't already read my post about why I started Pásshen, in a nutshell, I went on a journey to better my health as well as how I was generally feeling about myself. Pásshen happened because along my journey, I shared

Revealing Beauty Secrets From The Kitchen

Wellness Coach Chong Su Lee with our Director, Melissa FannIt's Day 2 of Pásshen's Beauty Week and the workshop was aptly named "Beauty Secrets From The Kitchen" where wellness coach, Chong Su Lee, from Look Good Feel Great Always shared 2 types of beauty secrets - food intake as well as skincare.The event was held at Route 44, a

Souvenirs From Japan!

My bro just came back from Japan and I got souvenirs....yay!I love love love the dist bunnies and dust balls from the anime 'My Neighbour Totoro' so I asked my bro to get me one. Yay! I FINALLY have one...alalalalala.Now...for the really ( -_-;) souvenir. My bro decided to buy me this novel which, ironically,

Cheap Romance Novels for sale!!!

Hey dearies! I've been doing a wee bit of spring cleaning and I've got these romance novels for sale. They're going for $2 each. Need to view the titles? Simply click on the photo to enlarge. Want to read the synopsis? A bit too much for me to type. Nonetheless, fans of Nora Roberts will