30 Days After Parasite Cleanse

I have finally ended my parasite cleanse! I can't believe that it has been a month since I've started on this cleanse and it is amazing how many things have happened to my body since then. Nothing significant has happened since last week but I do realise now that alcohol hits my system a lot

Get Fit In Style with Rumi Yoga Wear

We've teamed up with Rumi Yoga Wear to give Pásshen members great discounts! We looove Rumi's  eco-friendly shorts, capris and leggings are made 100% of recycled plastic bottles and are super stretchy. They even have a maternity range with an expandable waistband that can be folded down when baby is born!Comfy and with excellent wicking, you'll remain cool and

Three Weeks After Parasite Cleansing

It has now been three weeks since I've embarked on this parasite cleansing journey...which means that I've also gone beyond the half way point! 10 more days! So, what interesting things happened this past week?That, my dear friends, is not a rash under my armpit. I suddenly spotted it one day after my shower and was wondering

Loading Up On Antioxidants

As you know, I was quite ill 2 weeks ago with sore throat and what not. It was only later that I realised that I was having a healing crisis from my parasite cleansing but it was still important to tackle the symptoms of my illness.I got my box of Jeunesse Reserve gel packs a

How To Build RAPPORT With Customers

When it comes to business, should it be "customers are always right" or "let customers think that they're always right"?Jokes aside, it is important to have a relationship with your clients because the best form of marketing is still word-of-mouth. So how do you keep current clients happy in order to win more clients? You build RAPPORT

Create Demand & Growth For Your Business

In the past few week’s, the guys over at Key Person of Influence Singapore (KPI) have been working to get Daniel Priestley to run one of his acclaimed masterclasses here in Singapore. Daniel Priestley is a renown entrepreneur, sought-after speaker and author of the three best-selling books including Become a Key Person of Influence.Just yesterday,

{Oct 1983} Charms!!

We're on a charms galore!!! Personalise your bracelets or your necklaces with these alphabet charms and more!!  Go onto www.oct1983.com.sg to purchase them or like them on our Facebook Page today!  You can follow us on twitter too!

Auctions auctions!!

I have finally found another auction website based in Singapore that doesn't charge you to list your items!! Yay...how I have missed Yahoo auctions! It is www.cannla.com and the only downside to this auction website is that they don't allow personal details on your description. So, my attempts to add "www.oct1983.com.sg" have been unsuccessful. The