Wellness Insider Needs Your Opinions

Hi ladies and gents! I need your help to fill in this very short survey which would take only 1-2 minutes of your precious time. Your response will really help me decide whether to go ahead with this project or not. Many thanks in advance! Loading...

Are You Looking For A Career?

Do you enjoy helping people? Are you highly motivated and would like flexible working hours? There are 4 teams looking for members to join them in an industry that is still growing every year! Only applicable for Singaporeans or PRs. Please indicate your interest by filling in this form: https://goo.gl/forms/yfqxk7rGpEal3D3X2  

The 3 Pillars Of Happiness

Sometimes, it feels like we're trudging through life aimlessly and working long hours just to earn that monthly salary in order to pay the bills. Then we're faced with lots of uncertainty these days because even that monthly salary may not be that certain or 'safe' to a lot of workers out there, with retrenchment

Busy busy busy….

Hey guys, Just a quick post from me today. I do have new pics etc but I am busy and will be busy for this whole week. Well, I AM working despite me being overseas and having a semi-holiday. I am busy translating the latest volume of the manga "Ouran High Host Club" and my

Auctions auctions!!

I have finally found another auction website based in Singapore that doesn't charge you to list your items!! Yay...how I have missed Yahoo auctions! It is www.cannla.com and the only downside to this auction website is that they don't allow personal details on your description. So, my attempts to add "www.oct1983.com.sg" have been unsuccessful. The

Back At work

After a month of holiday, I must submit to the forces of nature and return to the working reality. It has only been Day 2 and I can feel the tiredness seeping in. This kind of tired is not the food kind of tired that you get after diving/ surfing/ jogging or even (may I