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Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 19: Busy Mums Can Keep Fit!

This is for all the mothers! We know how crazy it can get and mothers tend to put themselves last when it comes to family and work. However, your health is important too! Kareen Lai from Mums In Sync and Nuts About Butter shares some tips on exercises, mindset changes as well as how simple it is to just make…

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joe augustin

Melissa’s Table Top Talk with Joe Augustin

Did you know that presentation skills affect your self confidence? If so, how then can you learn how to present with confidence? This week, we interview the Presentation Coach himself, Joe Augustin, who gave us his tips on presenting, which has been honed from over 20 years of experience through being a radio DJ, emcee and a coach. Interesting tidbit: both…

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The 3 Pillars Of Happiness

Sometimes, it feels like we’re trudging through life aimlessly and working long hours just to earn that monthly salary in order to pay the bills. Then we’re faced with lots of uncertainty these days because even that monthly salary may not be that certain or ‘safe’ to a lot of workers out there, with retrenchment underway and some companies closing…

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Three Weeks After Parasite Cleansing

It has now been three weeks since I’ve embarked on this parasite cleansing journey…which means that I’ve also gone beyond the half way point! 10 more days! So, what interesting things happened this past week? That, my dear friends, is not a rash under my armpit. I suddenly spotted it one day after my shower and was wondering what that was. It…

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Reasons for thinning hair, how to fix them and what to eat for healthier hair

Read these 2 articles on and decided to combine them into one because it is not only important to fix problems but to also maintain the good. My additional comments will be in italics. You’re Noticing: Thinning Along the Hairline  Likely cause: Regularly yanking your hair back into too-tight stylesWhy it leads to thinning: Putting tension on the hairs…

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