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LIttle Tuscan Gem in Singapore – Trattoria Noona Lina (Restaurant Review)

Yesterday was my bro’s birthday so we went to Trattoria Noona Lina, which is a small Italian restaurant started by his friend’s friend’s husband.  Another story of an Italian man meeting a Singaporean woman, falling in love, move to Singapore and starting an Italian restaurant while bringing along his parents (check out Valentino’s in Bt....


And I Turn A Year Older

Yet another year passes and this year…I decided to do something a little bit different. I organised my own bday lunch party. I know…sounds really weird but I bought Union Jack fake nails, buntings and napkins when I was in London so…I decided to use it during my birthday.  It was that or Christmas…and somehow, Union Jack...


My Birthday Wishlist 2012

Hehehe…it’s that time of the year again…days before I turn a year older (officially) and more white hair grows.  As per tradition, below is my wishlist. Kinda short this year since I don’t really want anything except more salary? Mel’s 2012 Birthday Wishlist: Black make up brush holder (foldable for travel and easy storage) –...


Birthday Leopard

Oops…this is a super late post…BUT…we celebrated Leopard’s birthday last week! As you can tell, Ms Leopard is so-called thanks to her love of all things leopard! Which is why, the Leopard Queen is sitting on her throne with all her leopard print presents! I managed to get her a leopard print tank top from...


July – The Month of Birthdays

I’m sooo going to go broke this month! Last Sat, we celebrated Chow’s birthday… Then it was off to celebrate Missy Jean’s birthday on Friday night at KPO! The drinks were just the way I like them…STRONG! It started with me and Leopard taking a shot in front of KPO with the fancy schmancy cars...