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Merry Christmas 2013

It started with a not-so-simple Nativity Scene in St. Ignatius church… The stable with the manger They depicted the whole village scene Complete with a small market Then, it continued with an actual fir tree.  Specifically, a 3-feet tall Noble Pine tree. Before After my decorating skills! I have a Rudolph Then came the food masquerading as Christmas presents… When…

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Merry Christmas!!

Happy happy Christmas everybody!  It’s tough during this festive period to stick to any diet and it’s true…just look at what I have eaten: Roast beef, red wine, roast chicken and chocolate pear log cake.  Forgot to take a pic of the seafood risotto that mum cooked too.  So much for no red meats, alcohol and cake.  Haha…oops. Ah well…diet…

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