christmas party

Fun & Flirty Christmas Party

The Wellness Insider (my company) has teamed up with the folks at SAUCEink to bring you a Christmas Party that will be fun and flirty *wink wink*! This is definitely one for the ladies as it's all about YOU and how you can feel confident during the holidays as well as plan your wardrobe and image

All I Want For Christmas…

is some pampering! Through Pásshen, I've created a few 'pamper hampers' this Christmas so that you can let your loved ones (or yourself) relax and indulge in this season of love and thanksgiving.Check them out:To view the price list and more details on these hampers, head onto the link:

Merry Christmas 2013

It started with a not-so-simple Nativity Scene in St. Ignatius church...The stable with the mangerThey depicted the whole village sceneComplete with a small marketThen, it continued with an actual fir tree.  Specifically, a 3-feet tall Noble Pine tree.BeforeAfter my decorating skills!I have a RudolphThen came the food masquerading as Christmas presents...When it came to Christmas

Merry Christmas!!

Happy happy Christmas everybody!  It's tough during this festive period to stick to any diet and it's true...just look at what I have eaten:Roast beef, red wine, roast chicken and chocolate pear log cake.  Forgot to take a pic of the seafood risotto that mum cooked too.  So much for no red meats, alcohol and