Illumi Run 2013

Slated to be one long rave along a 5km route, Siew Mai and I participated in the inaugural Illumi Run on 7 Dec.  It's the 1st night run I've participated in and also the 1st one where I paid $68 to be splashed with paint by random strangers.These 2 girls just came up to me

And I Turn A Year Older

Yet another year passes and this year...I decided to do something a little bit different. I organised my own bday lunch party. I know...sounds really weird but I bought Union Jack fake nails, buntings and napkins when I was in London so...I decided to use it during my birthday.  It was that or Christmas...and somehow, Union Jack

MediaCorp Event @ Zouk

 Is anyone able to tell me who this actor is? Oops...I haven't been watching Channel 8 dramas for ages so I have lost touch with all the upcoming newbies.  I've got to admit that he's quite good looking though. 🙂 So...I went to this MediaCorp Channel 8 event in which they were promoting their latest

Busy Bee

Ah...I know, I know...I haven't been updating for the past week as I've been uber busy.I received the 16th volume of Ouran High Host Club to translate and have been given a very tight Ouran fans, keep your eye out! The translated edition should be out by *fingers crossed* June.On a personal basis, I've

Saturday Night Fever

Hmm...not sure whether you are able to see the word in the above pic...but it is Brotzeit! Went to this German pub/ restaurant at Vivo with Siew Mai and Mel Li on Sat evening for dinner and it was quite a nice place to chow, drink beer and chat with friends. The atmosphere isn't chi-chi

Painting the town red

I have been 'deprived' of clubbing for the past 6 mths and so, I asked Mel Li & Jiak whether they wanted to go to Social House as 1. it is a new club 2. Sat nights are Ladies Night (FREE for me!!). Jiak was unwell so she didn't join us but Mel Li's friend

Clubbing & Diet Woes

I realise that I tend to blog on Sundays - when I'm actually free and relaxed enough to blog. Yesterday, I went to China One with Jiak & Mel Li. The live band was very very good and the mood there was quite good. However, I think my luck during clubbing is quite lousy when