IKEA Singapore’s LOL Jab At Apple Pencil

Following their bookbook catalogue tongue-in-cheek ad (see embedded video below), IKEA continues with their humorous jab at Apple after the latter revealed its latest gadget, the Apple Pencil, earlier this week.This is really genius as many of us have already come to know the IKEA pencil to be part of the store experience. There even

I Love Engrish

I love Engrish ????????A photo posted by melfann (@melfann) on Jul 30, 2015 at 6:34am PDTSpotted this at a Japanese food fair in Suntec City last week and I was so tickled that I just HAD to post it up on Instagram and Facebook. Much to my amusement, some friends gave really funny comments like

Great Night of Comedy

Chowchow won 2 pairs of tickets to the above Comedy Night held at the Hollandse Club but he wasn't able to attend it so I was given both pairs. Went there with Joe and his 2 other friends. Was really looking forward to an evening of laughter, especially after the past 2 stressful months.Was seated

Despicable Me 2 – For the love of minions

I love the minions in Despicable Me!! I want some!!  Minions!!! *Starts singing the Banana Song*  If you love the minions as much as I do, just go watch Despicable Me 2 for some brainless laughter and cuteness.  This cartoon is all about the minions!

Russell Peters in Singapore 2013

I finally managed to catch Russell Peters in Singapore this year!! This is still his Notorious tour so apparently, he recycled some of his jokes but I didn't attend last year's stand up so it would be new to me.He actually brought 2 DJs with him.  (0_o)  It really felt like I was walking into

Why it’s better to travel in groups

You guys HAVE to watch these ads.  They're hilarious and really smart marketing!  I wish I could come up with such ads but I reckon my Marcomm will say that they're not 'corporate' and 'professional' enough.  Ah well...we all need a good laugh once in a while.Enjoy!!

Holy Water anyone?

I went to Taman Jurong last weekend and this is a store with the funniest signboard! I think they wanted it to read "All Got Beverages" which isn't grammatically correct either but this is just too cute.  Holy water to wash away our sins? 😉