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Holy Water anyone?

I went to Taman Jurong last weekend and this is a store with the funniest signboard! I think they wanted it to read “All Got Beverages” which isn’t grammatically correct either but this is just too cute.  Holy water to wash away our sins? 😉


It’s GE Season

Some really humourous pokes at our General Elections, which should be coming up soon!  You’ll need to understand Hokkein to appreciate the poem but enjoy the video!! GE Poem by Ong Ah BeeRecently, my white MP,nok on my door, and very kekki..Say ‘I’ve worked so hard, so vote for me’,‘Or rubbish won’t be cleared, in...


Had a very packed weekend…continuation

On Sunday, my bro had organised another get-together with another bunch of friends. This time, we had lunch with them at this fine dining restaurant called Arbutus. Gor and I had eaten at their sister restaurant Wild Honey where they served wonderful honey comb ice-cream. Anyway, I just found out that Arbutus is owned by...