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Heya! Please vote for me!! Yes, I do want to go to Japan and most importantly, YOU get the chance to win an IXUS 120 IS camera too!! Kindly click here. I’m entry no. 14 (2nd last page, if I’m not wrong) Thank you everyone!!


The day Moon won Her World’s Project Makeover

Congrats to Moon for winning Her World’s Project Makeover last night!! I also found out that somebody *ahem* has a new bf and her reason for NOT telling me was because “it happened very fast.” Hello…as a best friend, I demand knowing full details from start to current etc! What’s his full name? Age? Occupation?...


Her World Magazine’s Project Makeover

Hey folks! My dearest friend, Lin Qiuyue, is a finalist for Her World Magazine’s Project Makeover!! Please vote for her HERE!! As you can see, she’s really sweet…so please support her! Thank you!!


Win a Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag!!

Yes!! Contests galore!! Win a Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag!! This is NOT a joke. This contest is open only to Singapore and Malaysian residents. All you have to do is to click on the banner to enter the contest. More referrals to your friends increases your chances of winning! Cool!


Random Stuff + Repost

I have been just surfing the net for interesting bites:1. The blogger who slammed me has since removed that post! 🙂 Thank you! 2. STB’s spanking new website is great! Never knew that we had food tours for tourists (may I join?) and get this – there’s a contest where you can help your friends...


Oct 1983 & Oops…I Wanna Say Giveaway!

Oct 1983 & Oops…I Wanna Say Giveaway! I am giving out a 7-day free gym membership at California Fitness, $10 Hush Puppies Vouchers, $10 Evita Peroni voucher and discount vouchers for the Fabulous Group!! I will be asking 3 questions via twitter ( and the first person to email me your full details (Name,,...