Happy Labour Day!

I'm still alive! LOL I realised that I haven't been blogging for ages and that's simply because I've been really busy. What have I been busy with? My book.Teaching and marking (hello marking season!)Editing articles on thewellnessinsider.sg (oh gosh...I need more writers!)Doing my monthly Kombucha workshopsDid some corporate kombucha pairing sessions (wwooohooo)Attending Japanese classes (I'm

Join Me At Global Wellness Day 2016

If you've been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you'll probably know that I'm now on a #30DaysChallenge as part of the campaign for Global Wellness Day that's happening on 11 June. How I came about this is because, well, I am one of the organisers for Global Wellness Day and it is something that

Bliss Out = Yoga + Live Music = Love!

I'm quite excited to attend Bliss Out which is happening on Sat, 12 Dec! It's going to be Singapore's first mega event combining yoga and music at the wonderful venue of The Meadow, Gardens by The Bay!I love listening to live performances and if you've been following me you know how yoga has impacted my

Pásshen Beauty Week – 16 to 21 Nov

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce that Pásshen Beauty Week will be happening on 16 to 21 November and workshop passes are now on sale at http://www.eventbrite.com/e/passhen-beauty-week-tickets-19123266204?aff=melfann!Early bird passes are at $40/pax from now till 1 Nov, after which it will be $50/pax. I highly recommend getting the Beauty Pass at $100 where you

What Is Pásshen and Why Did I Set It Up?

That's my new company's logo and it's pronounced like 'passion'. Not pass-hen. Interesting feedback on the name though. 5 people (the parents included) mispronounced it while 1 friend was even more appalled than I was at people mispronouncing it!Anyway, back to the story behind Pásshen. As you've probably guessed, it is a play on the

How To Reset Your Youth With Make Up

Mia opened her class by showing slides of Japanese models who were in their mid-40s and looked absolutely STUNNING. Nobody would've believed that they were above their 20s and they really put the whole lot of us to shame."Think that their faces look very natural? Let me tell you...there's a lot of make up involved!"

Going With The Flow Through Kalari Yoga

Profile photo taken from Bali Spirit FestivalThat's Amanda, the yogi from Real Yoga who has introduced Kalari Yoga to Singapore, and it is also the highlight of WellnessYogi RESET on 11 July! So, being good event organisers, we naturally have to attend a session of Kalari Yoga before declaring it our "highlight event".What is Kalari