What Is Pásshen and Why Did I Set It Up?

That's my new company's logo and it's pronounced like 'passion'. Not pass-hen. Interesting feedback on the name though. 5 people (the parents included) mispronounced it while 1 friend was even more appalled than I was at people mispronouncing it!Anyway, back to the story behind Pásshen. As you've probably guessed, it is a play on the

Halloween Horror @ USS

It's the 2nd year running and it's also my 2nd time going to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) for the Halloween Horror night! Was pumped up to enjoy the rides amid the 'gorified' theme park.  This year's villain is a Puppet Master (last year's was the Director), which explains why the entrance of USS read "Welcome

Halloween @ Universal Studios Singapore

As you enter the Carn-evil, the clown awaits you.... I was very impressed with the spooky decorations and what was more amazing was that they took 1 hour to complete it since the day USS ends at 7pm!Above is a car crash scene and there were ghouls around who looked really decomposed.  Couldn't really take


Revelling...The liquid diet started on Thu at Hotel Intercontinental during their cocktail reception to launch their opening of the new club lounge. The new club lounge is now located on 2F instead of on the 11F, between the club floors. The concept is that the lounge is now open to all club floor occupants as