TEAse Your Tastebuds – Kombucha Tasting and Pairing

Come and join me in this special tea (all puns intended) session where you'll get to taste various flavoured kombucha, which is fermented tea full of probiotics, paired with small bites. Learn about the benefits of this brew alongside foods that you can enjoy them with. Experience includes: Tasting of various kombuchas Healthy bites Goodie bag with

kombucha workshop

Basic Kombucha Workshop

I'll be conducting a Basic Kombucha Workshop in January because I've found it really fun throughout my brewing journey and I'd like to share it with others! What is kombucha? According to Wikipedia, kombucha (not to be confused with Japanese seaweed tea konbucha) is a variety of fermented tea made using "Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria

A Tea A Day To Keep The Blues Away

I've been down with the flu for the past 2 weeks and it has been quite miserable with the blocked nose and sore throat. This flu is my healing crisis from my parasite cleansing and when one is sick, one reaches for comfort and for me, one of that is tea. Since Hi-Tea has a special

Quick Weight Loss (Lies)

When I saw this on my Facebook newsfeed the other day, I couldn't help but burst out laughing. It is so true that there are so many people out there who are just looking for that quick-fix or instant weight loss through diet and while it is true that the cathchin in green tea increases

Have Your Cake and Eat It At Madame Patisserie

What do you do after a Mookata session at Boat Quay? Go for desserts of course! Cube and I chanced upon Madame Patisserie and decided to indulge ourselves in this quiet little cafe that faces the Singapore River.Firstly, ignore their menu. Unless you want to order drinks. Otherwise, walk up to their display counter where

Tea Time at TWG

Siew Mai and I were hungry and thirsty after our bout of shopping, and TWG (Ion Orchard) was the nearest place for a cup of tea.  The queues are normally quite long so since an opportunity presented itself, I grabbed it.We ordered their Prime Tea Set (S$26++) which comes with a pot of tea, 2

New Year Lunch at Anchorpoint

It's the new year and as I woke up only at 1pm on New Year's Day, the parents and I decided to have lunch at Anchorpoint. There was a new sushi bar, Sushi Odayama (if I remember the name correctly), that we were hoping would open on the New Year and lo and behold...they decided