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kombucha workshop

Basic Kombucha Workshop

I’ll be conducting a Basic Kombucha Workshop in January because I’ve found it really fun throughout my brewing journey and I’d like to share it with others! What is kombucha? According to Wikipedia, kombucha (not to be confused with Japanese seaweed tea konbucha) is a variety of fermented tea made using “Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast” (SCOBY). Through the…

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Quick Weight Loss (Lies)

When I saw this on my Facebook newsfeed the other day, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. It is so true that there are so many people out there who are just looking for that quick-fix or instant weight loss through diet and while it is true that the cathchin in green tea increases metabolism slightly, drinking green tea…

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Koi = 恋=来い=bubble tea love!!!!

This is how 29 cups of bubble tea looks like… My colleagues and I love Koi Bubble Tea as such, I have actually started a distribution list called “Bubble Tea” and I take orders in a spreadsheet!  😛 The pic above is only 15 cups…we started a collection point.  Haha…amazing, isn’t it?  I reckon Koi ought to give us some…

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Tea Party pics

It seems as if I’m blogging A LOT today…well…that’s because a lot has happened over a week and I’m just blurbing right now. Alrighty…below is a pic of me wearing the Elizabeth necklace. I only made 2 pieces – 1 for me and 1 that has been bought by Carol (thank you!). You can click on the words “Elizabeth necklace”…

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