Koi = 恋=来い=bubble tea love!!!!

This is how 29 cups of bubble tea looks like...My colleagues and I love Koi Bubble Tea as such, I have actually started a distribution list called "Bubble Tea" and I take orders in a spreadsheet!  :PThe pic above is only 15 cups...we started a collection point.  Haha...amazing, isn't it?  I reckon Koi ought to

Tea Party pics

It seems as if I'm blogging A LOT today...well...that's because a lot has happened over a week and I'm just blurbing right now. Alrighty...below is a pic of me wearing the Elizabeth necklace. I only made 2 pieces - 1 for me and 1 that has been bought by Carol (thank you!). You can click

Thank yous!!

I sit here sipping on a bottle of very nice Chilean Sauvignon Blanc courtesy of Jiak. Yumm....today's tea party was a bit dismal and I'm disappointed at the people who said that they were turning up but didn't and wasn't even courteous enough to message me. However, to those who DID turn up....THANK YOU!! Thank

Nervous…but happy

I've already done all the prep work that I can for this Sat's tea party and I'm nervous as hell. I'm going into semi-panic mode and thinking of worst case scenario where I don't sell a single piece of jewellery!! *SHOCK & HORROR* Oh well...I've got a few 2nd hand books on sale too... =P

Mel is halfway to Hikikomori land

I am almost there...almost on my way to being a full hikikomori - holed up at home and glued to my computer. Only differences are - I don't lock myself in my room, I'm not afraid of interactions with humans and I do go out to walk my dog. That's about it.I'm glued to my