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Everyone around me seem to be getting married! 1 colleague will be getting married on 30 Sep, another on 2 Nov and my Cubey will be getting married on 3 Nov!! Oct is a ‘free’ period but it involves getting ready for Cubey’s wedding since she tasked me with making jewellery for the bridesmaids and...


Jem-mich Wedding

Attended yet another JC classmate’s wedding on Sunday and it was held at the Grand Hyatt hotel’s Grand Ballroom. The presentation of the first dish was rather interesting.  They dimmed all the lights and then they played the Disney song “Be Our Guest” while the wait staff came out with the platters.  I tried taking...


Wenqing & Kelvin’s Wedding

Here it is…the post of Qing & Kelvin’s customary wedding dinner!  It was held at Capella Hotel, Sentosa. Cousin Ai Lian is the hottie in red while Jesslyn is in the middle.  If only I’d known, I would have worn my falsies too…can’t see my eyelashes!! Above is the sweets table where guests could load...


JC Classmate’s Wedding Dinner

Attended my JC classmate’s wedding at St. Regis and check out the chi chi decor etc….   Most of us from S52 Enjoy the pics of the food… The couple! The sand art video of how they met Our class’ gentle giant who is 1.9m tall…thanks for stooping down for me! Check out the video...


Christopher Lee & Fann Wong’s wedding

This is the post that most of you have been waiting for! Some of you are probably reading my blog JUST for this. To those hopping over from Qing’s blog – hellos! Anyway….*Cue drumroll* iiiittt’s….Christopher Lee and Fann Wong’s wedding! It was held on 29.09.09 at Shangri La’s ballroom. How would I describe it? Crowded...


About a dress….

My mum has given me the Herculean task of finding a dress for her that she can wear to my cousin’s wedding dinner (yes, THAT cousin). Now, it wouldn’t be that difficult if she wanted something formal etc. but she wants to be able to wear that dress to work after the dinner!!! I’ve already...