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Savour 2014 – Celebrating Delicious Food and Chefs

Despite the heat, throngs of people were making their way to The Promontory @ Marina Bay and I couldn’t help but get excited when approaching the entrance and the waft of food smells greeted me. What were we all here for? Savour 2014 – a 4-day event which celebrates Michelin starred Chefs and panders to all gourmands’ taste-buds. In other words,…

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Brunch at Barossa, Holland Village

Oh breakfast, breakfast, how I love thee.  I also have to thank the British for their lovely contribution to how breakfasts are eaten.  Above is my Wholesome breakfast set at Barossa ($28++) where the basics are: 2 eggs, toast, a pork sausage, a snail sausage (not that it contains snails…it’s just curled), smoked salmon, salad, roasted tomato, 2 sides and…

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