My Birthday Lunch @ Prive, CHIJMES

Decided to celebrate my birthday a day early with some close friends at Prive's latest branch located at Chijmes as it seemed like a casual place for brunch, which is similar to its first cafe at Keppel island. It was a very HOT and SUNNY day and for some reason, my good friends ordered a

Review of PoTeaTo at Tiong Bahru

As we all know, Tiong Bahru (the area that I happened to grow up in) is now a hip and yuppie hangout with lots of cafes and upscale restaurants such as Open Door Policy and Ikyu. However, the most famous cafes there will have to be Tiong Bahru Bakery and 40 Hands. The former for

Best Brunch Spots in Singapore

After having visited a few brunch spots in Singapore, I reckon its time to make a comparison study and make a personal recommendation on where you can get the best breakfast grub in Singapore!  Cafes/ Restaurants in the running are:Barossa @ Holland VillageSpruce @ Upper Bukit Timah, Old Fire HouseToby's Estate @ River ViewParco Caffe

Sunday Brunch at Toby’s Estate Cafe

After our Pocari Sweat 10 km run, my friends and I had already arranged to meet up with 2 more friends at Toby's Estate for brunch.My twin ordered her skinny latte and Toby's is supposed to be famous for their coffees.The coffee was strong, which is the way twin likes her coffee.  I don't drink

In Osaka (Day 3 – Part 2)

Our kuidore (eat until you drop) adventure continued...after Kuromon market, we headed off to the famous Doutonbori Street and at the traffic light, we spotted the big crab!!The streets are quiet because it's only 2pm in the afternoonDragon ramenThere's a cow hanging overhead!!FUGU!!We spotted a mini Glico man in the middle of the street, in

In Osaka (Day 3 – Part 1)

After loads of walking on Day 1 in Osaka and Day 2 in Kyoto, both Siew Mai and my feet were swollen and hurting.  Nonetheless, we braved the streets and walked some more because, good food MUST be eaten!The feasting began in the hotel, where we bought instant noodles from the nearby 7-11. How amazing

Brunch at Barossa, Holland Village

Oh breakfast, breakfast, how I love thee.  I also have to thank the British for their lovely contribution to how breakfasts are eaten.  Above is my Wholesome breakfast set at Barossa ($28++) where the basics are: 2 eggs, toast, a pork sausage, a snail sausage (not that it contains's just curled), smoked salmon, salad,

Halia @ Raffles Hotel

They took away Seah Street Deli at Raffles Hotel and replaced it with Halia!! Can't complain since I'm not a fan of Seah Street Deli nor have I eaten at Halia before so this was a nice place to try out with the family.Mum ordered a starter of roasted carrot soup with olive oil drizzled