My Birthday Celebrations

I must say that this year, I really dragged out my birthday celebrations...LOL! It all started on the Monday before, where I collected my cake from ClearSK. Big thanks to them for always remembering to send me a cake since 2014! I chose the Lychee cake because it was small (only 15cm in diameter) and

Birthday Celebrations 2016

This year's birthday was kinda interesting because, at first, I thought that I was going to have to work the evenings of my birthday week. Thus, I scheduled dinner with my family on the "off day" and then my originally planned Friday dinner with friends was then cancelled with a date to be confirmed. However,

Lunch at Tatsu Teppanyaki @ CHIJMES

I had the pleasure of being treated to a delicious Japanese lunch by a vendor at Tatsu Teppanyaki, located at CHIJMES. After CHIJMES' recent facelift, Tatsu has downsized to a small restaurant which only has 1 main teppanyaki area further in and a small bar counter seating near the entrance.All of us ordered the bento

Simple and Cheerful Dining at Pack’d

Does this look like I'm eating canteen food? LOL. This was my lunch at Pack'd and I ordered the Hearty Set Meal (S$12.90) which consists of:1 hot main (choice of Beef Meatballs/ Pulled Chicken/ Stew of the Day on rice or pasta)1 drink1 dessert (choice of muffin or croissant)I went for the Beef Meatballs on