Review of PoTeaTo at Tiong Bahru

As we all know, Tiong Bahru (the area that I happened to grow up in) is now a hip and yuppie hangout with lots of cafes and upscale restaurants such as Open Door Policy and Ikyu. However, the most famous cafes there will have to be Tiong Bahru Bakery and 40 Hands. The former for

Update on Saveur’s fare

I finally went to Saveur for lunch today for my intern's leave-do and it has been a long awaited affair. The abstinence was necessary to ensure interest in the food and observation of changes.  The last time I went to Saveur was in Mar 2013. That's almost a year ago!So...some changes noticed:The price of their

More on Tiong Bahru Bakery

Please note that I did not eat both pastries in the same day. Despite my self-love on my rolls, I am trying to reduce these 2 were eaten on separate days but I decided to post them in 1 posting since it is about Tiong Bahru Bakery.I have eaten an uber expensive sandwich from

Alistair’s 1st Birthday

How time flies.  It seemed like only a few months ago that I attended Alistair's 1st month party and carried him in my arms while he slept.  Now, he's a very heavy 1 year old who is able to shake his head to say 'no' and will pick who to carry him. Part 1 of my

Another Game Card

Received a log cake and a Christmas card from another vendor today and I sense a theme...It's another GAME! An ex-colleague pointed out 'Snowflake' to me after I had instagrammed the bottom photo.  Can you spot it?I must say that people are getting more creative with their greetings.  Unfortunately, I'm too busy to be so

And I Turn A Year Older

Yet another year passes and this year...I decided to do something a little bit different. I organised my own bday lunch party. I know...sounds really weird but I bought Union Jack fake nails, buntings and napkins when I was in London so...I decided to use it during my birthday.  It was that or Christmas...and somehow, Union Jack