My Birthday Celebrations

I must say that this year, I really dragged out my birthday celebrations...LOL! It all started on the Monday before, where I collected my cake from ClearSK. Big thanks to them for always remembering to send me a cake since 2014! I chose the Lychee cake because it was small (only 15cm in diameter) and

First Time at Eighteen Chefs

Although I've noticed Eighteen Chefs ever since they started at Tiong Bahru Plaza ages ago, I've never stepped into their restaurant until last Sunday when I met up with Siew Mai and we decided to have a dinner...of sorts.Started by Chef Benny, Eighteen Chefs is a bit like Jamie Oliver's Fifteen, where troubled youth or

Fine Dining in Singapore at Guy Savoy

How do you pronounce Guy Savoy? I was educated by my bro on this.  It's not English's pronounced as Ghee Sav-wah.  I know what you're thinking.  My colleagues gave me bug-eyed looks when I mentioned the restaurant that I booked for our event's speakers.Anyway, we had an event at Marina Bay Sands last week

OUAM’s Shibuya Toast Dessert!!

It's cheat day and I indulged in Once Upon A Milkshake's new offering of Shibuya Toast where the mascot is the super cute Shiba Inu named Hachiko.  I opted for the single with pecan, butterscotch and an additional banana, which came up to a total of $5.50.  The buttered thick toast was nice and warm

Saveur-ing again and again!

Greedy friends and I went to Saveur again after dinner at Jai Thai, Purvis Street, for dessert (and dinner round 2 for a super greedy friend).  Note that we originally wanted to have dinner at Saveur but when I arrived at 6.50pm, the waiting list was so long that we would have to wait 1.5