Review – Bing Bian

Went to Millenia Walk on Tue and I went off to have dessert (again) at this new place called Bing Bian.  I'm sure most Singaporeans, Taiwanese and Malaysians would've known 'snow ice' desserts by now.  It's like ice cream minus all the cream and eggs.  This is similar to that but they have tons more

Sangria Granita!

Made Sangria Granita yesterday and its ready today!!!What's that you say? Well, Sangria is a spanish red wine cocktail/ drink (there's a white version nowadays) and granita is like a sorbet just that it is mixed up every 2 hrs while freezing so that it gives u this granular texture.Something like ice kachang except that


Thanks to the 'trauma' of Sunday, I have a mini backlog...but no worries! Here it is!!Went to Anna Sui's launch of their latest collection of mascara on Saturday. It was held at BHG, Bugis and it was waaaay crowded. Thing is that it was held at Anna Sui's make-up counter in an already very crowded

Mel’s white chocolate ice cream

I finally made something from my wonderful dessert recipe book! On Tues evening, I made white chocolate ice-cream!!That's the pic of the ice-cream and I topped it off with a drizzle of Kahlua.I put too much white chocolate as I was being greedy and it turned out a little too sweet but otherwise, it was

Clubbing & Diet Woes

I realise that I tend to blog on Sundays - when I'm actually free and relaxed enough to blog. Yesterday, I went to China One with Jiak & Mel Li. The live band was very very good and the mood there was quite good. However, I think my luck during clubbing is quite lousy when