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I’m finally on Pinterest!

I’m finally on Pinterest and if you’d like a more organised ‘board’ of my posts on my nail art plus my recipes, do follow me there at Besides those 2 boards, do give me suggestions on what other boards I should put up as I’d love to hear from you guys. Big thanks in...


Korean Restaurant – Kim’s family

I think I should become a food blogger.  Haha…just kidding.  I can’t stick to one topic on my blog.  Anyway, my mum and I went to this Korean restaurant recommended by my uncle – Kim’s Family Korean restaurant. Look at the number of appetizers!! These come FREE with ANY mains.  I’m serious. My mum had...


Much Ado About London….

This post is entitled “Much Ado About London”…so please be prepared for a super long post. Okie dokes, moving on…I love this cereal. It’s so yummy and its full grain! I can snack on this all long. I’ve been eating this for breakfast for the past week (except when I had scones from Waitrose –...