Fire In The Belly (and more) At Yoogane

Photo credit: Yoogane SingaporeI've seen the long queues at Yoogane's Bugis Junction branch and I've always wondered what the fuss is all about. All I know is that Yoogane started in Busan, Korea, in 1981 and it specialises in Galbi - grilled meat that has been marinated in the typical ganjang sauce. Deciding to find

I’m finally on Pinterest!

I'm finally on Pinterest and if you'd like a more organised 'board' of my posts on my nail art plus my recipes, do follow me there at those 2 boards, do give me suggestions on what other boards I should put up as I'd love to hear from you guys. Big thanks in advance

In Chef Mode Blog

I've decided to turn my 'In Chef Mode' blog posts to a separate blog so that it's more focused.  Please check out and support it!Thank you!!

Korean Restaurant – Kim’s family

I think I should become a food blogger.  Haha...just kidding.  I can't stick to one topic on my blog.  Anyway, my mum and I went to this Korean restaurant recommended by my uncle - Kim's Family Korean restaurant.Look at the number of appetizers!! These come FREE with ANY mains.  I'm serious. My mum had a

Much Ado About London….

This post is entitled "Much Ado About London" please be prepared for a super long post. Okie dokes, moving on...I love this cereal. It's so yummy and its full grain! I can snack on this all long. I've been eating this for breakfast for the past week (except when I had scones from Waitrose -