The House of Bernada Alba

I was very fortunate to win a pair of tickets to "The House of Bernada Alba" staged by W!ld Rice. So, I brought my mum to watch it along with me.2 Peranakan ladies watch a Singaporean Peranakan adaptation of a Spanish novel. Apt, don't you think? Thanks to SMRT, we got seats in the 2nd

Mum’s 60th Birthday Bash

I plan events for a living so planning my mum's semi-surprise 60th Birthday Party was a bit of a walk in the park.First - the presents! I created a scrapbook where I instructed everyone to think of their favourite memory of my mum and to then write it down.  I included really old photos inside


Revelling...The liquid diet started on Thu at Hotel Intercontinental during their cocktail reception to launch their opening of the new club lounge. The new club lounge is now located on 2F instead of on the 11F, between the club floors. The concept is that the lounge is now open to all club floor occupants as