Fire In The Belly (and more) At Yoogane

Photo credit: Yoogane SingaporeI've seen the long queues at Yoogane's Bugis Junction branch and I've always wondered what the fuss is all about. All I know is that Yoogane started in Busan, Korea, in 1981 and it specialises in Galbi - grilled meat that has been marinated in the typical ganjang sauce. Deciding to find

Lunch at Tatsu Teppanyaki @ CHIJMES

I had the pleasure of being treated to a delicious Japanese lunch by a vendor at Tatsu Teppanyaki, located at CHIJMES. After CHIJMES' recent facelift, Tatsu has downsized to a small restaurant which only has 1 main teppanyaki area further in and a small bar counter seating near the entrance.All of us ordered the bento

Taste of Thai Mookata at Tom Yum Kungfu

Sawadeeka...this post will be my review of Tom Yum Kungfu - a place where some say is the BEST place for Thai Mookata in Singapore. What's Mookata, you ask? It's the Thai version of a charcoal grill meet a steamboat with a distinctive Thai soup base.My friend and I went to the branch at Circular