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tooth make up

Teeth Make Up?

Yes. Apparently, that’s now a thing. Just like a normal mani pedi on your phalanges…you can give your teeth a sheen in various shades of white. Intrigued? So was I. That’s why I decided to spend S$27 on this tiny bottle of Tooth Make Up that was adorably shaped like a tooth! According to the Japanese instructions, this is like…

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Jonsson Protein – Sometimes, Persistence Is Not Key (No Hard Sell For Me)

It’s the 3rd or 4th time that I’ve received a call from Jonsson to redeem a free trial hair care session and the ‘excuse’ this time round was SG50. See…I told you that more people were jumping onto the SG50 bandwagon. Pardon the horrible photo above. Don’t know why it didn’t turn up as landscape. Anyway, I finally caved in…

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A Woman’s Never Ending Search For Even Skin Tone (Part 1)

If you’ve seen this ad on YouTube, especially if you’re Singaporean, you might immediately be interested in this product as we get a lot of sun (ie. super prone to dark spots) and we don’t really like patches on our skin. My mum definitely falls into that category! She’s been complaining about brown spots the older she gets and these…

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