Minimising Scars With Hiruscar

Whoever said that adults do not get acne is lying. Sure, it's not that serious an outbreak but...acne and pimples still pop up on adult skins! What makes things worse is that these scars take longer to lighten and disappear as you get older. Moreover, if you're fair like me, the scars are horribly obvious.Here

Stretch Marks vs. Cocoa Butter Spray

People tend to think that stretch marks mainly occur in women (maybe because of pregnancy)'s not true! It happens to skinny people, fat people, men and women alike for several reasons. Here's a video that will sum things up when it comes to 6 things that you should know about those pesky stretch marks:So,

Full Strategy To Combat Hair Loss

As I've been blogging about in my previous posts, I'm on a new journey to regain my crowning glory! After watching tons of videos and reading lots of reviews, here's my full strategy. Don't say that I never share ok?1. Pre-shampooDr Oz mentioned on his show that hot water strips away a lot of natural

Acne Begone With Benzac AC

Received my Benzac AC loot from SampleStore last week and I decided to do a proper review because if you're like me and in your 30s but still suffering from the occasional breakout, you'll want something to treat only the acne and not dry out the skin all around it.Warning: you will see a few

New Journey To Restore My Crowning Glory

So...I've been receiving a lot of private queries from some of you dear readers about my experience with Bee Choo and whether I'm continuing my treatments there. Honestly, I can safely say that I'm NOT impressed with their hair tonic. I've been using it for 4 months faithfully everyday and it does not keep the