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Celebrate The Women We Love

Hi everyone! Pas/shen and WellnessYogi are having a Mothers’ Day promotion where individual workshops and individual Full Day passes will get a 10% discount with the promo code MOTHER10OFF. This promotion is valid through 17 May 2015 and I think it’s a great idea because instead of stuffing our faces silly at the buffet line,...


Why We Started WellnessYogi RESET

Last year in November, my friend suddenly said to me, “Mel, shall we do something meaningful next year?” I replied, in an almost knee-jerk manner, “Like what?” She then said, “How about organising a yoga event and inviting our friends?” That gave birth to the idea of WellnessYogi RESET. We came up with the name...


WellnessYogi: RESET – 1 day wellness retreat

If you need a break from the madness known as work, join us for a day of Yoga and wellness workshops to help you RESET your life and get your balance back at WellnessYogi:RESET. Do note that the topics within the schedule are still subject to changes. It will be a day full of activities...