Learn How To Surf The Entrepreneurial Wave

Calling all of my entrepreneur friends or those who want to do better in their business! On Tue, 2 Aug, there will be a special full-day Masterclass by Daniel Priestly on the topic "Surf the Entrepreneurial Wave & Expand Your Brand". Daniel is the co-founder of Dent, a global business designed to create a world

Learning How To Algo Trade

I'm so proud of my former intern who has started a trading course with a couple of other partners sohere I am giving a short post to promote their FREE seminar on algo trading.So, what is algo-trading? It means algorithmic trading and essentially, it is to automate your trades based on certain trading strategies. Some

Join the POEMS 2.0 Stock Challenge today!

This is an excellent chance for everyone to prove their trading abilities with our POEMS 2.0 Stock Challenge. Those in Singapore will get extra chances at winning the Mazda 6* simply by registering for the competition!For those living outside Singapore, do join the trading challenge as this competition is for INTERNATIONAL participants as well! We

Risks of CFD

Adding to my 15 minutes of fame!!  Tada...my very first video clip! Not that I was doing the filming but it's the first time that I'm in a clip.  It still feels weird to see me in a video and I do know that I look stiff.  I was swaying forward and backwards a lot

Investment Wines for Sale!!!

Hi folks!I have 120 bottles of 2005 d'Arenberg The Dead Arm McLaren Vale Shiraz for sale.  This wine has received 95 points from Robert Parker: "D’Arenberg’s most famous wine is its flagship, The Dead Arm Shiraz. The 2005 The Dead Arm Shiraz is sourced from ancient head-pruned vines. It was aged for 22 months in

Short trip around….

Warning: long blog post. Ok...now that you've been forewarned, please proceed at your own "risk". Hee... ;)Well, first up, let me highlight this contest/ cause which is so cute. Ladies, would you like to win a Gucci bag? Then join "Shopaholic's" cause!! Just click here.I like how they put it as "spend to help the

Googling Melissa Fann + other facts/news

I did something rather narcissistic last night. I googled myself - Melissa Fann. And I am quite amazed that my AliveNotDead.com profile comes up as top!! Well...I went back to that profile and realised that it received more than 3000 views...wow. I'm completely amazed. The next most read blog post is the one called "A


I realise that when I'm frustrated, it happens when a lot of things occur at the same time. Take yesterday for example: 1. Joomla was not user friendly so I was having tons of problem trying to type everything out in html and tweaking stuff...not fun -__- 2. Forex decided to just go against whatever

The financial irony

The CEOs of Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase said that both banks are profitable and therefore sent their shares rallying. Question: if both banks are profitable, why were people retrenched from both banks? Or...are the banks profitable thanks to cutting these people? Hmms....let's mull about it....