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Learning How To Algo Trade

I’m so proud of my former intern who has started a trading course with a couple of other partners so here I am giving a short post to promote their FREE seminar on algo trading. So, what is algo-trading? It means algorithmic trading and essentially, it is to automate your trades based on certain trading...


Join the POEMS 2.0 Stock Challenge today!

This is an excellent chance for everyone to prove their trading abilities with our POEMS 2.0 Stock Challenge. Those in Singapore will get extra chances at winning the Mazda 6* simply by registering for the competition! For those living outside Singapore, do join the trading challenge as this competition is for INTERNATIONAL participants as well!...


Risks of CFD

Adding to my 15 minutes of fame!!  Tada…my very first video clip! Not that I was doing the filming but it’s the first time that I’m in a clip.  It still feels weird to see me in a video and I do know that I look stiff.  I was swaying forward and backwards a lot...