Cover of “Shallow”

OMG...I just realised that I didn't blog about this although we filmed and released this for Valentines' Day. Oops. Anyway, I felt that it was a sad song for V'Day but Mr Off The Cliff decided otherwise. I had fun doing this although there was no prior rehearsal! We only "rehearsed" a few times before

live stream schedule

Live Streaming Schedule on BIGO

It's the new year and with it, I've planned a new schedule. One of my new year resolutions is to be more focused in my life - whether it be in terms of work or personal life. Thus, this Bigo schedule is gonna help me focus on 5 broad topics so that when I stream,

Bliss Out = Yoga + Live Music = Love!

I'm quite excited to attend Bliss Out which is happening on Sat, 12 Dec! It's going to be Singapore's first mega event combining yoga and music at the wonderful venue of The Meadow, Gardens by The Bay!I love listening to live performances and if you've been following me you know how yoga has impacted my

Music Matters Live 2013 in Singapore

Went to watch Music Matters Live 2013 at Clarke Quay mainly for Flumpool and Weaver (reached at 7.30pm and it was already crowded!) but managed to discover Dubfx who is an Aussie beat boxer who is really really good!!He performed everything live by recording and looping beats.  I was blown away at how he can

Yet another farewell

This is the 2nd farewell of many farewell parties/lunches/dinners that I will be attending for the next few weeks.  Sigh...this time round, it's my manager who has left and yes, I'll be taking over so it is with bittersweet feelings that we part.Her being the Singing Queen, I came up with the idea of a