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Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 in Singapore

The cuties have finally landed in Singapore to do a full concert on Friday and Saturday! 🙂 I’m not a fangirl but I just had to watch some of my fave songs being performed live, right? Not to mention, it’s a nice interlude from my boring life of work, work, drama serials, sleep and then...


Asia Song Festival 2009

OH MY GOODNESS… I WANT TO GO!!!!! Dammit…why didn’t I find out about this HUGE event till a minute ago!! Arghs…and it’s in September!! Dammmmmmmmmit.


Riding on the Korean Wave

Mm…those who like yummy Korean boys…this vid’s for you! I think their dancing’s quite cool and the song’s really catchy. One of them reminds me of a local star…Benjamin I-forgot-his-surname. 😛 Are these my types? LOL…nopes..I prefer men like Takeshi Kaneshiro…*drool* However, seeing these lads isn’t hard on the eyes either…*grin* Enjoy!