AFA 2012 – Singapore

Got my concert tix to T.M.Revolution on Fri, 9 Nov and then 5 artistes on Sat, 10 Nov.  The 5 artistes for yesterday's concert were: BabyMetal, Fripside, m.o.v.e., LiSA and FLOW.  I was mainly there for LiSA and FLOW.There were other artistes performing today (May'n, Sea.A and some others) but they were those whom I

AFA12 – Anisong Concerts Here I Come

Oh lookie!! See what came in the Anisong concert tickets! 😀  I'm sooo looking forward to November.  I can't wait for my concerts and cool anime stuff during AFA.  Flow will be back and I really hope that my friend can score some autographs for me.  I believe the VIP and "normal" tickets are

Anime Festival Asia 2012 in Singapore

It's back!!  The annual AFA is something that fans of anime and manga look forward to every year.  This year is no different and they've got quite an interesting line up of artistes performing this year.  You can check out the concerts here: Siew Mai is trying to convince me to go for T.M.

Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 in Singapore

The cuties have finally landed in Singapore to do a full concert on Friday and Saturday! 🙂 I'm not a fangirl but I just had to watch some of my fave songs being performed live, right? Not to mention, it's a nice interlude from my boring life of work, work, drama serials, sleep and then

Anime Festival Asia 2011!

I went to the Anime Festival Asia 2011 yesterday with Conrad and Zedd. It first started off with Conrad and I going to watch the Naruto "Blood Prison" movie at 10am. We paid $10 for the movie but we were pleasantly surprised to receive a poster each!Check out my loot for the day below...I bought


I can't believe that Siew Mai and I actually sang for 3 hours straight yesterday. Not kidding. Just the 2 of us...karaoke!!!! Wee~~~ I love singing....I just hate how crappy my voice sound nowadays. I'm wobbly and losing a lot of techniques. Darn it. 😛 Heck...karaoke!! Wee~~~~Now...onto the next distraction entertainment...

Asia Song Festival 2009

OHMYGOODNESS...IWANTTOGO!!!!!Dammit...why didn't I find out about this HUGE event till a minute ago!! Arghs...and it's in September!!

Riding on the Korean Wave

Mm...those who like yummy Korean boys...this vid's for you! I think their dancing's quite cool and the song's really catchy. One of them reminds me of a local star...Benjamin I-forgot-his-surname. :PAre these my types? LOL...nopes..I prefer men like Takeshi Kaneshiro...*drool* However, seeing these lads isn't hard on the eyes either...*grin*Enjoy!

Feeling Loved

Power Packed days!! HAHahaha... Well, on the Friday that I didn't dear bestie L called me at 9am!! What for you ask? All for the combi to my laptop lock. I told my ex-IT guy and his reaction was "wtf? what for? yeah...she's tactless like this." Uh huh. Who wakes up at freaking 9am