MediaCorp Event @ Zouk

 Is anyone able to tell me who this actor is? Oops...I haven't been watching Channel 8 dramas for ages so I have lost touch with all the upcoming newbies.  I've got to admit that he's quite good looking though. 🙂 So...I went to this MediaCorp Channel 8 event in which they were promoting their latest

Wenqing & Kelvin’s Wedding

Here it is...the post of Qing & Kelvin's customary wedding dinner!  It was held at Capella Hotel, Sentosa.Cousin Ai Lian is the hottie in red while Jesslyn is in the middle.  If only I'd known, I would have worn my falsies too...can't see my eyelashes!!Above is the sweets table where guests could load up on

Am so in Love with Quest Crew!

Are some of these people human? It's as if they don't have bones!! Oh my...the part where he does the backflip while sitting down..and when one of them flipped over 2 people while 1 of them pushed him.  AMAZING.  You guys just HAVE to love Quest Crew. Oh..amd Hok's British accent is waaay sexy.  You've

Christopher Lee & Fann Wong’s wedding

This is the post that most of you have been waiting for! Some of you are probably reading my blog JUST for this. To those hopping over from Qing's blog - hellos! Anyway....*Cue drumroll* iiiittt's....Christopher Lee and Fann Wong's wedding! It was held on 29.09.09 at Shangri La's ballroom.How would I describe it? Crowded and

Celeb spotting

Spotted this celeb at Busaba Eathai, a Thai restaurant, at the branch just behind Selfridges. Pardon the blurred image which was taken by my bro with my phone camera. That baldie is Evan Handler by the way. He played Charlotte's husband in SATC and is currently playing Charlie in "Californication".A waitress was so excited that

Celeb Gossip

I overheard a very interesting conversation over dinner last Monday. I was sitting to a bunch of people who are regular extras in our local industry and one of them is the person who looks for extras too. They were gossiping about our local celebs and well, I don't eavesdrop for fun but they were

Loving David Tao & Thinking About Finances

DT in the house! Went to David Tao's 123 我们是木头人2008 Concert. It's his 3rd concert held in our Singapore Indoor Stadium and he rocked the house! Nontheless...conclusion is that David Tao can't dance and thank goodness he didn't attempt to do so. There was a lot more banter from him and you could tell that

David Tao Autograph Session

Went to David Tao's autograph session yesterday together with Cubey. Managed to shake his hand even! Boy does he have good skin...and I think he put on a little bit of weight. He's such a nice guy. And I think I'm seriously jaded with humans. Yee Lin told him that she likes his music and