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Loving David Tao & Thinking About Finances

DT in the house! Went to David Tao’s 123 我们是木头人2008 Concert. It’s his 3rd concert held in our Singapore Indoor Stadium and he rocked the house! Nontheless…conclusion is that David Tao can’t dance and thank goodness he didn’t attempt to do so. There was a lot more banter from him and you could tell that...


David Tao Autograph Session

Went to David Tao’s autograph session yesterday together with Cubey. Managed to shake his hand even! Boy does he have good skin…and I think he put on a little bit of weight. He’s such a nice guy. And I think I’m seriously jaded with humans. Yee Lin told him that she likes his music and...


Clubbing At Butter Factory

Went clubbing with Jiak, Jaimes, Christabel, Joanna and Deanna last night at Butter Factory and boy was it a night of lots of things happening. We even met Lynette there (I haven’t seen her for 9 years)! First up – I must say that this isn’t my first time at Butter Factory and both times,...