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In Loving Memory of Baileys

This is one of the hardest posts I’ve ever written, although I’m currently feeling pretty much back to normal. However, it is with a heavy heart for me to say that my dearest dog, Baileys, passed away last Monday. His heart finally failed and he passed away in my arms at 4.30am, somewhat peacefully, after struggling with the discomfort for…

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2016 Birthday Wishlist

Ok, so I do this annually on the 1st of October and it’s not meant to be some show-off or list of demands but my wish list is meant to: Help people know what to get for me Inkling of what I hope for the future (sometimes) Sometimes, instead of a wish list, I have a ‘do not want’ list…

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Watching Singin’ In The Rain Live

The bro asked whether we wanted to watch the latest musical in town “Singin’ In The Rain” and I said yes. So…off it became a family affair where we hoped to be splashed with fun! Cast for the evening Couldn’t take any photos/videos of the performance so you’ll have to make do with the stage. I think it was quite…

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