Watching Singin’ In The Rain Live

The bro asked whether we wanted to watch the latest musical in town "Singin' In The Rain" and I said yes. it became a family affair where we hoped to be splashed with fun!Cast for the eveningCouldn't take any photos/videos of the performance so you'll have to make do with the stage. I think

Remembering To Count My Blessings

I'm usually the one whom friends come to whenever they need a listening ear, advice or referee. However, in the last month, I experienced a mini meltdown and if I had not recognised the signs, I would've probably gone into the super troughs of depression or gone into an anxiety attack.Why? Simply because I was

Continuing On My #StopComplaining Campaign

Ever since I took the challenge of quitting complaining for Lent, I must say that it was an interesting Lenten endeavour. I didn't know about the existing 21-day challenge by so I set my own simple rule: don't rant, voice problems out only to release a bit of stress and get a solution either

Why I’m Giving Up Complaining For Lent

So it's now Lent, that lovely time before Good Friday and Easter, where we examine our lives and consciously try not to sin and remember the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus gave. As such, we are also encouraged to sacrifice something during this period. Normally, it involves something that we really love, which is why it