Kind of Cross with “The Crossing”

I went to watch "The Crossing" with Ming today despite not knowing much about the storyline/plot because of the following reasons:1.  It's a John Woo film2.  Takeshi KaneshiroI found it also mildly interesting that the cast is so diverse, with Song Hye Kyo in it together with other big weights such as Zhang Ziyi, Huang

Movie Review – Vampire Academy

I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets to watch "Vampire Academy" which is based on the series of books of the same title by Richelle Mead.I had previously watched the trailers and already thought that it looked like a fun movie to watch, especially when you watch it with your girlfriends. As

Movie Review – Elysium

Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sci-Fi action flick...quite a no-brainer as to why I watched this movie in the first place.  In fact, I felt more compelled to watch this than 'Pacific Rim', although both are supposed to be on par in terms of visual effects.So, I walked into the theatre only knowing the gist of

Movie Review – Red 2

Went to watch 'Red 2' after seeing the trailer before watching 'Now You See Me'.  Just found the trailer hilarious and I was watching it mainly for John Malkovich and to oogle at Lee Byung Hun's bod. *Huge grin*Unbeknownst to me, 'Red 2' is the sequel to 'Red' which is from a comic of the

‘Now You See Me’ is an AWESOME film

I seldom give films high praise but 'Now You See Me' deserves 2 thumbs up/ 5 popcorns out of 10/ whatever scale you want to use!This movie is not as widely publicised or marketed as other films, which is a shame considering that the cast is rather star studded and the acting was superb.We have

Despicable Me 2 – For the love of minions

I love the minions in Despicable Me!! I want some!!  Minions!!! *Starts singing the Banana Song*  If you love the minions as much as I do, just go watch Despicable Me 2 for some brainless laughter and cuteness.  This cartoon is all about the minions!