Oct 1983 Closing Down Sale

It comes with great regret to announce the closing of Oct 1983.  It has been my online baby for the past 2.5 years but it has been a struggle to juggle my full time job, tutoring and this business.  As such, 30 June will be the last day of Oct 1983 products going on sale.I

{Oct 1983} Charms!!

We're on a charms galore!!! Personalise your bracelets or your necklaces with these alphabet charms and more!!  Go onto www.oct1983.com.sg to purchase them or like them on our Facebook Page today!  You can follow us on twitter too!

Star star!

I bought a beading magazine recently and I decided to try out one of the designs. I experimented with crystals and different kinds of beads first to see how it'll turn out (I like bending the rules). Not bad for a first try, isn't it? I've yet to add jump hoops and the clasp to

Much Ado About Everything

Remember the customised pair of earrings that I made? Tada...here's the pic of the purchaser!! Nice! The bottom is a little blurry because it dangles and sways on the ear and there's no way to stop it from doing so.Anyway, did a hunt on Tues for a few special pendants thanks to another request but