Arty Farty Photoshoot For Big 30!

Received some artistic eyelashes by Paperlash during an event which Mel Li was an attendee and one day, we met up and she started talking about the lashes.  My first reaction to them was one of shock and "what the heck am I going to do with this".  But Mel Li told me that these

Mum’s 60th Birthday Bash

I plan events for a living so planning my mum's semi-surprise 60th Birthday Party was a bit of a walk in the park.First - the presents! I created a scrapbook where I instructed everyone to think of their favourite memory of my mum and to then write it down.  I included really old photos inside

{Oct 1983} Glam Christmas 2011

Our Christmas collection is out!! We promise no tacky Christmas ornaments but wearable pieces that will last you throughout the year.  Perfect as gifts for your loved ones and you won't even have to break the bank.Visit to view more pieces and to purchase.

{Oct 1983} Charms!!

We're on a charms galore!!! Personalise your bracelets or your necklaces with these alphabet charms and more!!  Go onto to purchase them or like them on our Facebook Page today!  You can follow us on twitter too!

Spring/ Summer 2011 Collection

Here's Oct 1983's Spring/Summer collection for 2011!!The black earrings above are a personal favourite and it was soooo difficult to get a good shot because the black just absorbed all the light.  I had to bring the light really close to the flower, take a mirror to reflect more light on it AND use flash. 

Customised pieces

When inspiration hits, it really grips you and you cannot shake it off until you give in to it. My colleague passed me some pieces of her semi-precious stones to re-do them into other pieces, especially the earrings because her ears are allergic to non-precious metals. I didn't take the before pictures because....they're really quite

Customised order

My friend/ client made a customised earring order. She saw my Enraptured earrings in Jade and liked it to a certain extent. She also has sensitive ears and hence was interested in the fact that I had used 14k gold plated hooks.That said, she didn't purchase the Enraptured (Jade) earrings because she wanted something that