Jelly Very Good For Make Up Removal

Sorry for looking a little weird but this is me at 10.30pm after a long day at work and ready to wash off the make up from my face!This is Biore's Aqua Jelly Make Up Remover that is supposed to effortlessly remove make up and is Japan's No. 1 makeup remover brand! It even specifies

Stretch Marks vs. Cocoa Butter Spray

People tend to think that stretch marks mainly occur in women (maybe because of pregnancy)'s not true! It happens to skinny people, fat people, men and women alike for several reasons. Here's a video that will sum things up when it comes to 6 things that you should know about those pesky stretch marks:So,

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Toasting The Macallan For Years To Come

The first time I ever consciously knew that I was drinking a Macallan whisky was last year, when we opened 2 bottles of it during a colleague's (now ex-colleague) leave-do. Fast forward a year later and here I am at the "Toast The Macallan" event held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall. I went to