How Does a $800 Facial Feel Like?

If you're wondering how can a facial cost $800, you're not alone. Another thought that probably popped into your head was, "What's inside? Gold? Caviar? Diamond?"'re not too far off. Perhaps you're also imagining some fancy schmancy science stuff or tools that are involved.HAACH has recently launched its latest luxe professional facial - the Diamond

Have You Gotten Your Nutella Yet?

Look what greeted me at home one day! Such a nice gift from Nutella Singapore!Tada! My personalised Nutella! Now I can safely say that the jar of Nutella has my name on it!If you're wondering where you can get yours, the roadshow at Bugis+ unfortunately ended on 13 Sep. However, you can go to

Jelly Very Good For Make Up Removal

Sorry for looking a little weird but this is me at 10.30pm after a long day at work and ready to wash off the make up from my face!This is Biore's Aqua Jelly Make Up Remover that is supposed to effortlessly remove make up and is Japan's No. 1 makeup remover brand! It even specifies

Stretch Marks vs. Cocoa Butter Spray

People tend to think that stretch marks mainly occur in women (maybe because of pregnancy)'s not true! It happens to skinny people, fat people, men and women alike for several reasons. Here's a video that will sum things up when it comes to 6 things that you should know about those pesky stretch marks:So,

Night Out At Singapore Art Museum

Did you know that entry to the Singapore Art Museum on Fridays after 6pm is free for all? Singapore citizens and PRs get free admission whenever. Just found that out last Friday as Moon and I joined a singles' event there. Well, don't expect a blog post about the event because I was really more