apple rosemary kombucha

Taking Orders For Kombucha

I'm taking orders for bottled kombucha, ready for collection within 1-2 weeks. Available flavours are: - Lavender/ Lavender Honey (+$2)/ Vanilla Lavender - Rose - Passionfruit - Banana - Ginger - Turmeric - Cherry (+$2) - Black wolfberry (+$2) - Apple Cinnamon - Apple Rosemary   Each bottle (750ml) will be at $10, with exception

Expert Hair Care With Trichologist

Ms Pooja Chhabra - Trichologist at TrichokareMeet Pooja, one of the trichologists at TK TrichoKare. I was very lucky to be able to have a consultation with her during my last appointment with TrichoKare and I was very happy to finally have an expert examine and advise me on my hair loss issue from a more scientific

Shape Your Windows To Your Soul

They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul but did you know that with the wrong eyebrow shape, it can dramatically change your look? In fact, you can take a look at 43 horrible eyebrows as curated by Buzzfeed here.That is why Pásshen has teamed up with multiple award winning eyelash and aesthetician,

Treats From Trichokare!

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