Anatomy Of A Good Ad Campaign

When I went to the gym at Raffles Place last week, I was pleasantly surprised to see the station covered with Tokio Marine's ad and with each passing panel, I was more in love with the whole campaign! Well done Tokio Marine! You've successfully managed to shed your stuffy Japanese image and gotten a little

Addicted to Carousell

I'm officially addicted to Carousell. I find myself constantly going to the app on my phone (I wished it were on iPad too though)  and browsing through others' listings as well as mine. I get thrilled when I receive messages and offers for my items!Anyway, I've got the following 2 items up for sale that

{Oct 1983} Charms!!

We're on a charms galore!!! Personalise your bracelets or your necklaces with these alphabet charms and more!!  Go onto to purchase them or like them on our Facebook Page today!  You can follow us on twitter too!