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Updates – Samantha Vega Spree & Bazaar

Due to popular demand, we’re going to spree Samantha Vega Heart Quilted Bags (only in baby pink and black). The bags are 11 inches by 8 inches and you can join the spree at!Please note that there is an error on the website. You can purchase up to TEN bags and not SGD10. On...


Random Stuff + Repost

I have been just surfing the net for interesting bites:1. The blogger who slammed me has since removed that post! 🙂 Thank you! 2. STB’s spanking new website is great! Never knew that we had food tours for tourists (may I join?) and get this – there’s a contest where you can help your friends...


Travel Spree Community is up!

Hey folks! My spree community is UP and flying! We’ve named it “Travel Spree” and the pilots are Mel Li and myself! Do join the community if you are a spree organiser (a.k.a. cabin attendant) or if you just like to get things that either can’t be found in Singapore or are cheaper overseas! Kindly...


London/ Paris Spree – last order by 1 Aug 09

Hi everyone, I have organised a spree for goods in London and Paris. Please view or Travel Spree for more details! (Pssst…just click on the link or on “travel spree”) Feel free to ping me on my tagboard/ twitter or email me for more details.


Watch out spree community!!

Hey hey hey…remember the spree that I told you guys that I’m going to organise? No…I’m not cancelling it. It’s just that after talking to Mel Li, I realised that there is a very tight spree community (funny huh) and that moderators for these spree forums etc actually don’t allow profiteering from spree organisers? The...